UFF Sports is transitioning to Zilliqa blockchain (Q4 2020)

Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League


Ultimate Fantasy Fighting League

You Own The Game.

The world's first fantasy sports ecosystem that provides unique ownership of players, franchises, and auction rights as digital assets in a truly unique platform.

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How do you play?

You Own The Game. 

Fans and Ambassadors

Fans participate in the UFF Sports ecosystem by attending events, supporting the community or staking their Score tokens in the betting matrix. Ambassadors earn monthly commissions by managing community and social channels in their region.

Fan Sign Up

Player Scouts

Use your knowledge of sport prospects to register players on the UFF Sports blockchain. The player you register can be sold and traded to other Scouts, leased to semi-pro UFF Sports league franchises and ultimately sold to a pro-team franchise owner. 

Franchise Owners  

These select few, who choose to invest coins and time into Franchise ownership, will battle each other for SCORE Coins and the title of the best Fantasy Sports player franchise (or group of players in the event of co-ownership) in the world, in their sport of choice.