Meet the Owners Profile: Elite Assassins

Meet Jason.

Franchise Name: Elite Assassins

Status: Original Owner, inherited auto-picked franchise

Owner/GM: Jason Hofer

Age: 25

Occupation: Owner, Crypto Enthusiast, Iron Worker

Current Town: Edmonton, Alta.

Hometown: Lethbridge, Alta.

Favourite NHL Team(s): Vegas Golden Knights, Edmonton Oilers

Favourite NHL Player(s) Past: Wayne Gretzky, Henrik Zetterberg

Favourite NHL Player(s) Present: Connor McDavid, Carl Soderberg, Kyle Connor, Mikael Backlund, Marc-Andre Fleury

Bio: I’m your favourite kind of excitement — skilled with anything I get my hands on, always will outwork, and beat the toughest challenges that life throws at me. I’m from the country, that’s where I grew up. I turned my focus to construction and always had my hands on other projects and investments. I love sports and am a very proud owner of the Elite Assassins — the team you will remember as legendary!

QUESTION: Your passion is second to none — unrivalled, really — and you have gone all in with UFF Sports. What is your favourite part about this platform and what attracted you to it? Or, in other words, why so passionate?

ANSWER: The opportunity that lies behind UFF Sports is limitless! With that being said, the people and the energy are amazing — and overall you own the game! The level of excitement and positive energy I have could fuel New York City for an entire year! The fact that it’s on the blockchain and secure drove me even more into this platform. Best decision of my life!

QUESTION: Are you this passionate about everything you get into? What have been some of your other passions over the years? Anything comparable to or on the same level as UFF Sports? What is your biggest passion of all time?

ANSWER: I only go into things that I’m passionate about. If I don’t, I just waste my energy and focus on the wrong things. Yes, I am very passionate about everything I do, heart and soul. One of my biggest passions is seeing the smile of another person I helped — physically or mentally. I’ve always wanted to grow myself, my investments, and have an abundance of joy in my life at all times. UFF Sports is, by far, my biggest passion and the opportunity and responsibility that comes with it!

QUESTION: You are way ahead of the game and leading the pack on the branding front. Tell us a little about what you’ve done so far with the Elite Assassins brand and what you have planned for the future? What’s the next step? 

ANSWER: When I first created my logo and name, it had to be absolutely perfect to my eyes. That turned out successful, so I went ahead and with the help of UFF Sports, we worked on a perfect design for my jerseys home and away — not to mention the beautiful colours I chose. Once I receive my final product and I’m satisfied, I will start creating a fan base — with quality, loyal, FULL SEND fans — and keep my fans updated with news to come!

QUESTION: Do you enjoy the branding part as much or more than the fantasy gameplay and hockey part? Are you focusing on branding to drive up the overall franchise value or more for fun than business? Why do you feel the branding side is important?

ANSWER: Branding is important because it gets your product around and people talk about it and it becomes reality. You cannot let that die down, you constantly have to sell your product, so people know what’s going on and get excited for you and your franchise. I enjoy every moment I spend on this platform. I do it for the business side of it, but that’s so much fun for me!

QUESTION: Your Assassins made the final four — the conference finals — in the Corona Cup playoffs. You were that close to playing for the simulated championship, bowing out to the eventual champ Duckman’s Domination. What was that experience like, watching your Assassins in action and battling towards the title? Did you grow attached to certain players on your team during that run? Who was your MVP and your unsung hero?

ANSWER: My MVP was Marc-Andre Fleury, I got so attached to him, and my unsung hero was Carl Soderberg. They played like champions and my defence is like a huge cement wall that you cannot bust through. I’m overall proud of my team. I didn’t expect my franchise to last one round and they played like heroes. It was emotional, I was very sad when Duckman’s Domination defeated the Elite Assassins, maybe shed a tear or two, but that’s only my passion and drive that I have for my franchise! My team is among the top teams and will soon be No. 1 and stay on that level!

QUESTION: Did that sense of attachment — from the Corona Cup playoffs — convince you to stick with this roster instead of entering the UFHL Redraft? I know you had that option, having inherited an auto-picked roster when you purchased a franchise, so was that a difficult decision? Did it come down to loyalty or why didn’t you throw everybody back and draft your own team from scratch — handpicking your very own Assassins? The fact you passed on that opportunity, is it safe to assume you are happy with the current roster? Do you have any untouchables — players you wouldn’t trade under any circumstances?

ANSWER: It was the easiest decision I ever had to make. My defence is unstoppable and my goalie is great, but I need to work on my forwards. I have a solid team and the way they uniquely played together — the way they made plays and shined — I got attached to my team. I did make roster changes early on in the season and I’m very happy with the outcome. I have Marc-Andre Fleury, Pavel Buchnevich, Jacob Trouba, Kyle Connor, Jamie Benn and Carl Soderberg — they are my heart and soul and they most likely will never be touched. They are huge assets for my franchise.

QUESTION: Do you have much history with playing fantasy sports — hockey or otherwise? If so, feel free to gloat about some of your past successes — championships, trade victories, etc. Tell us a fantasy story or two if you’ve got one. Let us know why everyone should fear the Assassins!

ANSWER: I have never had a past experience with fantasy sports but always thrived on the unknown, and I love my experience with this platform that’s on the blockchain — the greatest gift in my life or anyone’s that understands. The Elite Assassins will be remembered as legendary. I am putting my all into my franchise and I never quit, I have no excuses, therefore I shed massive results. I also observe quietly and make sneaky plans and decisions that put me three steps ahead of everyone else! If you’re not first, you’re last!

QUESTION: How about a history with cryptocurrency and blockchain? Do you understand and embrace that part of the platform? If so, what got you into crypto? Do you believe it is the way of the future? Is that why you got involved as a franchise owner — more so as an investment than for the fantasy gameplay? What would you tell somebody who is on the fence about joining UFF Sports or perhaps skeptical about the crypto side?

ANSWER: I love sports and my best friend taught me about crypto — it’s digital and clearly that’s the direction the world’s headed. Yes, that’s part of the reason I choose this platform, it’s so secure. I got into crypto one year ago — best decision of my life! I’ve only had success from it, and to anyone who is skeptical or on the verge of joining, don’t hesitate — do your own research, trust nobody but your research, leave your excuses behind and you’ll find your results! I don’t even think about it, just do it — you will never EVER regret my famous words!!!

Elite Assassins Current Roster


Jamie Benn-Mikael Backlund-Kevin Labanc

Kyle Connor-Tyson Jost-Pavel Buchnevich

Oskar Sundqvist-Carl Soderberg-Marcus Sorensen

Nicolas Deslauriers-David Backes-Tyler Motte


Jacob Trouba-Aaron Ekblad

Nate Schmidt-Brett Pesce

Jason Demers-Travis Hamonic


Marc-Andre Fleury

Jonathan Bernier

Extra Skaters: Andrej Sekera (D), Clayton Stoner (D)

Protected List: Egor Afanasyev (0 GP)

Fisher’s Thoughts

Jason is passion personified — as you can tell from his profile. He brings that passion and enthusiasm every day in our Telegram community chat and it is contagious. He pushes everyone to bring their best to UFF Sports. He is raising the bar on branding and his roster has been contending too. So far, so good for the Elite Assassins!

I love their logo and their jerseys. A lot of people will say “I would never buy a jersey for a fantasy hockey team”, but have you seen the Elite Assassins jerseys? They are killer — pun intended — and I wouldn’t be opposed to purchasing one. I can totally see Jason developing a fan base through his branding efforts and those fans will want their own Assassins jerseys, among other merchandise and memorabilia. He is on the right track on that front!

Jason’s assessment of his roster is also bang on. Fleury is still a stud in goal and that defence is stacked — led by the dynamic duo of Ekblad and Trouba. They say defence wins championships and the Assassins are built to win now. That window may not last long, though, with the Assassins icing one of the UFHL’s older rosters. Fleury, for example, is turning 36 in November as the first overall pick from 2003. His backup Bernier will be 32 in August, so the goaltending is getting up there despite aging like a fine wine for the Assassins.

Speaking of wine, there is a Kelowna connection on the Assassins’ top line with Benn and Backlund winning a WHL championship as former junior teammates with the Kelowna Rockets in 2009. Kelowna and the Okanagan region of British Columbia is known for its wine. But Benn and Backlund will both be 31 years old when the puck drops on the NHL playoffs this summer and Benn has been starting to slow down as a power forward with hard miles on his body.

Soderberg turns 35 in October and Backes is 36 with a bad contract that makes him a buyout candidate this offseason. The Assassins will be hoping Anaheim pulls the trigger on that buyout, which would provide cap relief since the UFHL salaries are all based on the NHL. Getting that contract off the books would be another win for the Assassins!

That formidable defence is also starting to show its age beyond those top two. Sekera is 34 and Demers is 32, both on their last legs. Hamonic and Schmidt also have birthdays this summer, turning 30 and 29, respectively. So it’s not a young group on the back end.

The Assassins do have some quality youth and plenty of players in their prime, with Ekblad still only 24 and Trouba at 26 as franchise cornerstones. Pesce is 25 and an underrated blueliner. Connor is 23, Labanc is 24 and Buchnevich is 25 as the future up front, while Jost is just 22 years old but now needs to take a step towards establishing himself as a top-six forward. Afanasyev was a nice addition for the Assassins’ protected list as a 19-year-old forward prospect. I’m sure the Assassins have more prospects in their sights for the months to come once UFHL owners are able to obtain them from scouts.

Overall, there is lots to like about the Assassins’ roster — especially for Jason, as a Vegas fan, with a franchise backstopped by Fleury. That really is fitting — or was it fate?

It was the easiest decision I ever had to make..

— Jason H.

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