We have compiled a list of questions that users in our community commonly ask. If you have a question or query you can not find below, visit our Discord Server or Telegram Community and speak with the team. 

What is UFF Sports?

Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports (UFF Sports) is a blockchain based fantasy sports game where fans can build a bench of players by scouting, drafting, and trading with a unique gameplay in our dynasty mirroring community. The ultimate goal in UFF Sports is to create a legacy with a valuable bench full of winning and rare players. The more you register and your players win, the greater your legacy becomes. Once your bench is formed with at least one players, you can earn a profit if you decide to sell or draft into a franchise!

What are the prizes? How do I win? How much can I win? And how quickly is the prize money paid out?

Prizes are paid out on a percentage basis based on the entire leagues revenue, each sport and league will differ. Owners of Franchises will have input on who wins what percentage of the prize money. Prizes will be awarded as soon as prize winners are determined, in other words instantly.

Do I need to download any software or an app of any kind? 

Participants in the UFF Sports league will require the UFF Sports website or app to register and play the game. Ethereum is the crypto currency of the Ethereum blockchain and is required to purchase Score Tokens and to pay transaction fees.

Who can be a scout?

Anyone that isn't a Franchise owner. In order to become a Scout you must register on the UFF Sports website then use Score Coin or Ethereum alongside your knowledge of sport prospects to register players on the UFF Sports blockchain. The player you register can be sold and traded to other Scouts, leased to semi-pro UFF Sports league Franchises and ultimately sold to a Pro Franchise Owner. 

Who can be a Franchise owner? 

Anyone that is interested in Fantasy Sports and has the skills to play an intense Fantasy Sports league that will attract top Fantasy Sports players each sport in the world. These select few players that chose to invest coins and time into Franchise ownership will battle each other for the prize Coins and the title of the best Fantasy Sports player (group of players in the event of co-ownership) in the world in their sport of choice. 

How can I purchase a franchise once they are all sold? 

Any person or group of people can approach a current owner of a franchise and submit an offer to purchase. If an offer is accepted, a very short process of sale acceptance will be performed by all Franchise owners and verified on the UFF Sports ethereum blockchain. 

Is UFF Sports just about Fantasy Sports? 

Participants in the UFF Sports league will require the UFF Sports website or app to register and play the game. They will also require an Gneiss wallet from The Gneiss wallet is required to store your Score Coins, Ethereum and more. Ethereum is the crypto currency of the Ethereum blockchain and is required to purchase Score Tokens and to pay transaction fees.

What is a Franchise? 

A Franchise on the UFF Sports platform represents an actual team in the real world. Example - there are 31 NHL hockey teams in reality then there are 31 Teams available within the UFF fantasy ecosystem. Franchises will be available for every conceivable league in every conceivable sport across the entire globe.  

Ownership of a Franchise gives you the right to play in the league attached to that franchise. Franchise ownership also gives you a say on how that league operates, rule changes, prize payouts, ect.  

Once you acquire a franchise it is yours for as long as you wish to own it. You can sell your Franchise if you wish as it will certainly have value as you own one of only 32 NFL Football teams in the world for example.  

ONE real Franchise in the real world = One Franchise Token on the UFF Sports blockchain. There will never be a duplicate Franchise in the UFF Sports ecosystem EVER! 

How do I get my hands on a player? 

You simply register yourself as a Scout at . Once you’ve registered you add new players on the blochchain for a fee or purchase a player from another Scout. 

How many players are available from day one? 

Day one is the day of the Franchise auction close, each franchise is entered into a draft for all the players currently in that league. Once that draft is complete all the other players in the entire world that play that sport and meet the age requirement for that league are available to be registered by any scout.

What are players? 

Players are a digital token that represents an actual player in the real world. ONE player in the real world = ONE token on the UFF Sports blockchain. There will never be a duplicate player in the UFF Sports ecosystem EVER!

What does Beta Release (Launch) mean? 

Beta Launch means a project is still a work in progress but the basic mechanisms are in place. We’re using 3rd party auction and league tracking tools that will be integrated into our independent platform in 2020.

How else can I buy a player? 

Once registered as a Scout on the you can make offers to purchase players from other scouts. 

How do franchise auctions work? 

Everytime the UFF Sports Ecosystem launches a new league it will begin with a Franchise Auction. People will register for the auction at during the registration process potential buyers will create a free account at where the live auction will take place .  

Auctions will be open for 2 weeks prior to the closing date. On the day the auction closes, real live events will be held in various cities leading up to the final bids on each franchise. Bidding will close on each Franchise at stepped intervals during the evening.  

All Franchise winners in the auction will be required to make final payment the following morning. Once the bid is paid for you will be entered into the player draft that afternoon. The franchise owner that paid the most for their franchise will pick first in each round of the draft with the second highest payer to follow and so on. 

How do player auctions work? 

There are three types of player auctions. All auctions are done online and most will be accompanied by live events worldwide.  

Expansion Auction - the expansion player auction take place when leagues are launched. After a leagues franchise auction is done and active player draft is complete a non active player auction takes place for Scouts to claim all non drafted players. The top 100 to 300 prospects, depending on the league, will be auctioned off to all registered Scouts. Any remaining players can simply be registered by a Scout on the blockchain.  

Scout entry Auction - most leagues will have an entry auction for players when they hit the minimum age requirement. A group of top prospects will be presented for auction to Scouts only, Franchises are not allowed to participate in this Auction.  

Entry Auction - each year in most leagues an owners entry auction will take place. This is where Franchise owners get their first chance to acquire new talent from the UFF Sports Scouts. As an example in the Hockey Pro League 15 year old players will be drafted by Scouts in the Scout draft and others will simple be registered by Scouts on the platform. When these players hit 18 they become draft eligible to pro teams in live play so they will also be eligible to be acquired by UFF Sports Franchises via an Entry Auction. Franchises will bid on players owned by Scouts, highest bidder gets the prospect and the proceeds of the auction are split between the Scouts that owned those prospects and the UFF Sports.  

How do player drafts work? 

In the UFF Sports platform there are many drafts that will take place, these drafts are an integral part of what makes UFF Sports unique and world changing.  

Expansion Player Draft - this takes place on two occasions.  

ONE is when a league is launched on our platform and Franchises are sold a player draft of all the players currently playing in that league in the real world at that time.  

TWO is when a real world league adds a team the UFF will also ad a team via auction. Once the auction is complete an Expansion draft will take place based on the rules the real world league puts in place for that draft.  

Playoff Draft - in certain leagues there will be a playoff draft. In this draft the UFF Sports franchises that qualify for the playoffs will have the opportunity to draft active real world playoff players that are on a UFF Franchise roster that missed the UFF fantasy playoffs. The UFF team missing the playoffs that leases a player to a team in the playoffs will share in that teams winnings. Note players are simply leased you never lose ownership of your player.  

What should I look for when buying a player? 

As a Franchise owner you are looking for players that are going to earn your organization fantasy points during real world play. Franchise owners will need to purchase players very strategically keeping things in mind like, are you rebuilding your team with young talent or are you making a run for the championship and would trade young talent for veterans that will help you win the current season.  

Scouts are looking to purchase or register players that they think have the talent to make the pro leagues in hopes to sell their player to a Franchise at a higher price than they purchased the player for. Also Scouts might buy players simply to play them in semi pro and junior leagues. 

Why are franchises and players important? 

What sets UFF Sports apart from every other fantasy sports platform is the ownership of players and Franchises. The ONE to ONE non-duplicable characteristics of any player or franchise is what gives these all important digital assets the highest value to the game and real world marketplace.

What is a league? 

A league in the UFF Sports platform represents a league in the real world. If a league of any kind exists in the real world it can certainly exist on the platform but there will only ever be one representation of a real league in the UFF Sports ecosystem. If a league dosnt exist in real life it will not exist on the UFF Sports platform. 

What is a scout? 

One of the most unique aspects of the UFF Sports platform is the concept of scouting in fantasy sports. Due to the power of blockchain, UFF Sports has the ability to include ownership of prospects by enabling scouts to register non-pro players on the blockchain. Starting at the set age for each league (15 years and older), there will also be a scouts-only draft held every year. Registration will give the scouts ownership of the player/players for the fantasy league. 

What can a scout do with their player?

- Trade or sell to another scout at any time.

- If a franchise has a spot open on their protected list and they desire a player a scout owns, that player can be sold.

- If a player makes the pro league in real play the scout is required to sell their asset to one of the franchise owners as soon as practically possible.

 Lease their players into semi pro and Junior UFF Sports fantasy leagues to win Score Tokens.  

What are franchise types? 

There will be UFF Sports Franchises in every sport in many countries all around the world. There will be Pro Franchises as well as Semi Pro, Junior and in the future simulated Hall of Fame leagues. 

What are the franchise limits? 

You will only be able to own of Franchise in each league. A rule of thumb is the UFF Sports leagues will follow as closely as possible the real world league rules. 

Is there a scouting fee?

Scouts will pay an annual registration fee of $20 USD for the right to register players. 

Why is there a player registration fee? 

Scouts pay a $20 fee to register a player on the blockchain. These fees go towards in game prize rewards to Franchise owners. 

How do I scout with my own franchise? 

Franchises will Scout for players that will help their team in the future. Then can then buy this desired player in the Entry Draft from a Scout or they can buy any player from any Scout. 

Why is scouting public? 

UFF Sports chose the Ethereum public blockchain for its security, transparency and the ability it gives us to register fantasy sports assets on a public ledge. These tools enables us to assign asset ownership in a trustless environment where ownership is ensured and an asset can never be duplicated. 

Are there any cool down periods when scouting? 

Scouting takes place at all times everywhere in the world. Rather than cool down periods we would say there are hot moments like the Scout Auction. 

What are league types? 

Any league in any sport at any level. Pro leagues will always be the lead with the lower leagues feeding players into the Professional League. 

Other factors to consider when scouting a player? 

Scouts with knowledge of up and coming young talent will have the best chance at being successful as a Scout. You want to acquire talent at the lowest possible cost and sell that asset at a profit. 

How much does scouting a player in UFF Sports cost? 

$20 dollar a year to be registered as an official Scout. Dedicated Scouts may invest in scouting reports and may likely spend time and money searching for those hidden gems in the minor leagues. 

What is my player worth? 

The value of any asset on the UFF Sports is determined solely by the free market. 

How do I sell my players? 

Players are bought, sold and traded directly on the marketplace. 

How do I get my player on a franchise? 

When a player makes pro league in real life the scout has to enter that player into the entry auction as soon as possible. The player will then be put on a world wide auction where the franchise owners can bid on him. 

How many times can a player join a franchise? 

There is no limit on this. 

Can I register players for upcoming leagues? 

No. Players can only be registered for upcoming leagues after the Franchise auction and play has began.  

What are the different active leagues types that a player can be scouted in? 

Players will be scouted in the various non Pro leagues in every sport. If a player is of age, according to the league rules, and not registered on the UFF Sports he or she can be registered as an asset on the platform. 

What is staking (betting) in UFF Sports? 

 In addition to the regular league play UFF Sports is developing a staking (betting) matrix that allows any Score token holder to participate in the ecosystem by staking their SCO for one Franchise against another in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly head to head play. This enables everyone to be apart of UFF Sports and creates endless possibilities for in game play based on the performance of your favorite UFF Sports Franchise. In the UFF Sports world Fans are defined as people that are not Owners, Scouts nor Ambassadors, though do participate in the UFF Sports ecosystem by attending events, supporting the community or staking their Score tokens in the betting matrix. 

How often will drafts/auctions be scheduled? 

Once the start up auctions and drafts are complete in a league, multiple drafts/auctions will happen annually.  

Playoff draft (if applicable) Entry Draft (Owners buying from Scouts. Mirroring live drafts) Scout Draft (Scouts buying newly eligible players) Expansion Draft (Triggered when franchises are added in real the real world and thus added to UFF Sports) 

Are draft/auction and outcomes fair? 

Draft outcomes are recorded on the UFF Sports blockchain in a trustless decentralized ecosystem. 

When will betting launch? 

We’re preparing to beta launch the betting ecosystem in Spring of 2020 

Why does UFF Sports take a fee on all transactions? 

Transaction fees, registration fees and annual fees are used to fund the prize pool for the league play and create revenue to further our ever expanding ecosystem. The funds generated from users will be used to grow UFF Sports into a market leading dApp in order to pioneer mainstream adoption of the blockchain. The team at UFF Sports believes in blockchain technology and noticed early on that for mass adoption to take place, a cutting edge dApp is needed to provide the audience with the ultimate experience. UFF Sports fees are fixed, though may vary from time to time, without notice as per UFF Sports Terms. 

Is UFF Sports safe to play? 

The proven security of the Ethereum blockchain combined with the many security measures built into the platform makes UFF Sports a very safe place to play fantasy sports. Your fantasy sports assets are secured and ensured by the public blockchain. 

What do I need to play? 

In order to play on the UFF Sports platform you will need,  

Ethereum Tokens to purchase Score Coins An E-Vault (Ethereum Address) Score Coins (In-Game Currency) Register on as a Fan, Scout, Owner or participate in our UFF Sports Star Ambasador program  

Can I play on a mobile device? 

UFF Sports will be available on your desktop and also Android and IOS apps. 

Can I use a different browser? strongly recommends sticking with Chrome, Firefox or Brave. Although compatible with , UFF Sports cannot guarantee that you will get the best possible experience.

What is a digital wallet? 

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital currency like Bitcoin. Most coins have an official wallet. In order to use cryptocurrency, you'll need to use a cryptocurrency wallet. 

What are seed words? Why are they important? 

Seed words are a group of words that enable you to restore your digital wallet on any device. If you lose these words you will not be able to restore your digital wallet ever and you will lose your assets. 

What is an E-Vault “wallet address”? 

Your “E-Vault” public wallet address (e.g. 0xe4e4943e44950e484f46ef116ae4877ffd6ec52f) is a unique set of alphanumeric digits for your wallet. It’s like a name or even like a bank account address. You can share your wallet address freely with others if you want to purchase goods or if you want someone to send cryptocurrencies. 

What is Ethereum, a digital currency? 

Ethereum or Ether or ETH is a digital currency that powers the Ethereum network, which is what UFF Sports is built on. Ether acts like any other currency or stock where the value of it goes up and goes down depending on the market. 

Is Ethereum, Ether and ETH the same thing?

Yes. Ethereum is the smart contract blockchain.  

Ether and ETH are all referring to the token used to perform transactions within the Ethereum network. 

Where do I buy Ethereum from? 

What you need to do is convert your currency (e.g. AUD, USD, CAD, GBP etc...) into Ether so you can play UFF Sports on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain networks, second to only Bitcoin and it is very common for a lot of products to be built on the Etheruem network. Some wallets let you buy currency directly, depending on the wallet and where you live. If your wallet does not let you buy currency, you will need to purchase Ether from an exchange and then transfer the Ether from your exchange wallet to your digital wallet. You cannot use traditional currencies (e.g. AUD, USD, CAD, GBP etc...) to directly register a player in UFF Sports; currencies need to be converted into ETH first.

What exchanges can I use to buy Ether? 

There are many places to buy ETH some that we suggest are, (Popular) (Advanced) (Quick) (International) (Canada) 

What is an exchange? 

An exchange is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. 

How long does it take to receive Ether? 

If it is your first time purchasing Ether, your exchange will need to verify your identify; that can take upto two days. When the exchange has verified your identity, you can then link a credit card or even your bank account. When you commit to buy Ether from an exchange, the amount you purchased should appear almost instantly in your wallet. 

What is a Gas fee? 

Every transaction on the blockchain inherits a small fee to process the smart contract. This is known as a ‘gas’ fee. Gas fees refers to the cost to do a transaction on the blockchain. Therefore, since transactions are secured on the Ethereum blockchain, it costs a small fee for its miners to process the transaction. This ‘gas’ fee applies to every transaction in UFF Sports. 

How long does it take for the player I just bought or registered to appear in my account?

Given that UFF Sports network runs on the blockchain, it may take between five (5) minutes to two (2) hours for the player to appear in your wallet. You will be given a transaction ID which means you can check the status of your transaction at any time via Etherscan. Transactions on the blockchain can take a few minutes to process and then it can take a few more minutes for our website to sync with the blockchain. But please do not stress! If the transaction was successful your player belongs to you and it will show up. The blockchain does not and will never lie. 

I sold or drafted or registered a player. Where’s my ETH? 

If you successfully register or sell a player through UFF Sports, you will be notified by email and be given a transaction ID. Since the user paid for the trade or purchase through our smart contract system, the payment is not reflected as a typical IN/OUT transaction in Etherscan. Etherscan is a read-only interface for the Ethereum network that shows all events on the blockchain. To see the Ether generated from UFF Sports auctions, check the Internal Transactions tab for your E-Vault address in Etherscan. 

I cannot access my wallet. Can you recover my players? 

The short and long answer is no.  

If you lose access to your wallet, we cannot recover your players. It is not an issue of it being against our policy or being too difficult; it is literally impossible. UFF Sports’ smart contracts secure each player so that the developers cannot edit, access, or reassign them. This protects your players from hackers and anyone else who would want to steal them. 

Where is my player? I registered a player the player is not showing up! 

This all depends on how busy the UFF Sports network is though good things come to those who wait! It typically does not take more than 5 minutes to 2 hours for your player to appear in your account, if not near-instantly. 

Where do I go to check my transaction? 

When you sign into UFF Sports, you create an e-vault and a home activity page. The home page shows a list of all the players you own and the associated transaction hash/ID (i.e. smart contract).  

All transactions made in UFF Sports such as registering, selling, trading and game outcomes will be tied to a transaction hash/ID on the blockchain that can be traced by using Etherscan, giving you comfort and security over ownership and the transfer of Ether.  

The activity page will display all your other interactions in UFF Sports so you can check the status of your transaction on the blockchain.  

The transaction hash/ID in your stable and activity is a clickable link that will redirect you to Etherscan showing your transaction on the blockchain. 

What’s Etherscan? 

Etherscan tells you everything that has happened on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of this is that it helps you verify if your transactions (e.g. registering, buying, trading) were successful, and tracks other helpful details about the transactions. Visit Etherscan to see what is happening on the blockchain.

My transaction timed out. 

When a transaction “times out,” it doesn’t mean the transaction has failed, only that the Ethereum network is very busy. As a result, UFF Sports will not update until the transaction is finalized in the network. This can occur because of high gas prices or a spike in network congestion.

Tell me more about ‘gas’. 

‘Gas’ is a shorthand used to describe the cost of powering a transaction or contract in Ethereum, which is the blockchain network that UFF Sports is built on. Because blockchain is decentralized, every transaction is distributed through multiple computers, not a central server. This ensures each player and franchise is safe. Also relevant, it takes a lot of computational power, which is covered by the costs of gas.  

‘Gas’ is composed of two parts: Gas Price and Gas Limit.  

Gas Price is what you offer to pay the miners (in a tiny measurement of ether called “GWEI”) for each operation to execute the smart contract.  

Gas Limit is how many operations you allow the blockchain and its miners before your transaction “runs out” of gas and fails.  

To learn more about gas, refer to this great article by Meta Mask. 

How much does gas cost? 

In short, 1 GWEI= 1/1,000,000,000th of an ether, which is very cheap. The average cost of gas in UFF Sports can range between $0.07 USD and $1.00 USD depending on the congestion of the network. You can find all the UFF Sports fees here

I didn’t receive Ether for a sale or my scout fee. 

If you successfully traded or sold a player through UFF Sports, the other user definitely sent ether. Since the user paid for the asset through our smart contract, the payment is not reflected as a typical IN/OUT transaction in Etherscan. To see the ether generated from UFF Sports auctions, check the Internal Transactions tab in Etherscan. The time it takes for this Ether to hit your wallet will always vary from about five (5) minutes to two (2) hours. 

Are players like bitcoin? 

Players are NOT a cryptocurrency. You cannot sell a portion of a player because each player is non-fungible and cannot be divided into sub-units. However, players ARE stored on a blockchain where they can be viewed as a digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. A UFF Sports player belongs to (you) the user, just like your house, car or boat belongs to you. No one can take it away from you. And just like in real life, the value of your UFF Sports Player is determined by the market and what other people or users are willing to pay for it.  

Help! My problem wasn’t addressed here. How do I contact the UFF Sports team? 

Join us in Telegram or Discord for a direct line to the founders, community, and support.

Where do I find out about game updates? 

We discuss all the happenings on our official Discord channel. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of what is happening in the UFF Sports world. Be sure to also check out UFF Sport’s official blog posts on Steemit for platform updates and more.

What is Telegram? 

Telegram a platform where everyone stays in touch the whole community whenever something new comes up it will be posted on there 

How do I contact the UFF Sports team? 

The best way to get a fast answer is by contacting us on Telegram. But we will also respond through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For troubleshooting, also email Please include any relevant IDs, links, or transaction hashes so we can support you as quickly as possible.

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