UFHL Announces Upcoming Schedule as NHL Nears Return

The UFHL plans on hosting its inaugural Klein Cup playoffs this summer — mirroring the NHL format with 24 teams and a play-in round — and there are several other events of note on the calendar.

Here is a look at the upcoming schedule for the UFHL!

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Scouting Launch FAQ: Answering Questions on Fantasy Scouting

UFF Sports and the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League recently launched our fantasy scouting, which is generating a lot of interest and excitement. It is also generating a lot of questions, so we wanted to provide as many answers as possible in a one-stop shop.

UFF Sports: The Future of Fantasy

By taking hockey onto the blockchain and utilizing digital currency to go global, UFF Sports is giving their franchise owners the opportunity to own the game. And hockey is only the beginning of big plans to encompass every sporting event imaginable.

announcing larry fisher

UFF Sports names
new Director of Communications
& Content

UFF Sports is pleased to announce the addition of Larry Fisher as director of communications and content for the emerging fantasy platform. Fisher has more than 15 years of experience in print and digital journalism — and has been an avid fantasy sports player for over two decades.

You Own The Game