UFHL Season Preview: Plenty of Contenders, Parity for 2021 Campaign

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League is realigned and reloaded for its second season with several franchises making their debut in hopes of cashing in on the $50K USD prize pool. Here is a preview of how the 31 franchises stack up from Day 1 of the 2020-21 campaign.

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Bombers Becoming Generals With Latest & Greatest Franchise Sale

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League has another record-setting franchise sale to announce, with Curtis Johnson and the CanWest Fantasy Sports Group purchasing the Bombers for $2,400 USD with plans to rebrand as the Generals.

UFHL Welcomes
Gumpa Group Among Newest Franchise Owners

Another serious player has joined the fold in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League, with Rob Conte of Gumpa Sports & Entertainment purchasing the Chilean Sea Bass franchise for $1,500 USD, with plans to rebrand as the Godfathers.

Another UFHL Franchise, Blizzard, Bound For Newfoundland Under
New Ownership

Newfoundland is taking over the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League, with four franchises now based in that Canadian province after Dylan Wheaton bought the Blizzard for $1,500 CAD — also getting a fellow Maritimer as the face of that franchise in Brad Marchand.

Newest UFHL Owner
Loves Platform,
Looking Forward to Rebranding Tornadoes

Rob Love is more enamoured with the future potential of UFF Sports than setting records in the present, but he was enthralled by the opportunity to own a franchise in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League — purchasing the Tornadoes for a record-setting $2,200 USD.

Rock Republic GM
Steps Down, Purchases Defenders Franchise

Donny Tulk is taking on a new challenge in the UFHL, parting ways with Rock Republic in order to purchase the Defenders franchise. He is bringing another familiar face with him, hiring Paul Easton as assistant general manager.

UFHL Scouts Provide Preliminary Rankings
for 2021 NHL Draft

With the draft year shifting into high gear when the calendar flips to 2021, the UFHL scouts have provided their preliminary rankings — their top 64 for the 2021 NHL Draft.

UFHL Releases Preseason Power Rankings: Grizzlies Remain On Top

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League has released its first-ever Power Rankings ahead of the 2021 season and there is plenty of parity with very little consensus among the 11 franchises that cast their votes.

Vengeance Franchise
Finds New Owner,
Fetches $1K CAD

Sonia Klisz is the newest owner in the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League, purchasing the Vengeance franchise for $1,000 CAD with plans to rebrand. The yoga teacher from Ontario has dated hockey fanatics, rubbed shoulders with Brian Burke and admittedly crushed on Patrick Kane during her journey to the UFHL.

Dynasty Franchise Welcomes New Owner, Familiar Face

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League has another franchise sale to announce, with Xavier Smith becoming the new owner of Dynasty after previously serving as GM for Elite Assassins.

Elite Assassins Sold, Staying in the Family

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League has another franchise sale to report, with Elaine Harrison of Vernon, British Columbia, purchasing the Elite Assassins for $2,000 CAD ($1,535 USD).

UFHL Franchise Sales
Set New Benchmark, Reaching $2K CAD

The Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League announces the sale of two franchises for record highs, with the Monarchs and Power Players both fetching $2K CAD for their former owners, while the new owners take over contending rosters.

Monarchs Crowned
Klein Cup Champions Following Dominant Run Through UFHL Playoffs

Led by several Tampa Bay Lightning stars, Ashley Murray’s Monarchs claimed the Klein Cup to become the inaugural UFHL playoff champions. This is the story of their success, their connection to the Stanley Cup champions, and their secret weapon behind the scenes.

UFHL Playoff Preview: Strong Island, Monarchs Clashing for the Klein Cup

Strong Island and Monarchs are set to clash for the inaugural Klein Cup, with the winner being crowned the first-ever UFHL playoff champion. Monarchs are the odds-on favourite, but Strong Island is a live underdog and several non-playoff franchises will be sharing in the winnings regardless of the result.

UFHL Playoff Preview: Monarchs Looking Like Team to Beat in Final Four

The inaugural UFHL playoffs are down to the Final Four — Titans and Monarchs in the Legends Conference, Defenders and Strong Island in the Allan Conference — as the pursuit of the Klein Cup continues in the third round. Monarchs have the most players left and thus appear to be the favourites on paper.

UFHL Playoff Preview: Higher Seeds Sweep, Advance to Second Round

The UFHL playoffs are into the second round, with all eight of the higher seeds advancing — setting the stage for some serious showdowns in the conference semifinals en route to the Klein Cup. Here is a look at how those rosters are stacking up for the second-round matchups.

UFF Sports Announces Ultimate Fantasy
Fighting League

UFF Sports is bringing the fight game to the blockchain — expanding to mixed martial arts, with the Ultimate Fantasy Fighting League expected to launch this fall.
Pre-register now at uffl.uffsports.com, as a potential franchise owner, scout or fan.

UFHL Playoff Preview: Franchises Draft Rosters to Pursue the Klein Cup

The first round of the Klein Cup playoffs is now underway following the inaugural UFHL Playoff Draft where 16 franchises filled out their 23-man rosters through an innovative loan system. Here is a look at how those rosters are stacking up for the first-round matchups.

Craig Button, President of Scouting for the High Level Scouting Agency

High Level Scouting
Lands Craig Button as President of Scouting

Craig Button, one of the most respected people in the scouting world, has joined UFF Sports through the High Level Scouting Agency. Button will serve as their President of Scouting, an advisory role for targeting top prospects in upcoming auctions and on the open market.

UFHL/NHL Playoff Pool: 21 Entrants Cast Their Play-In Round Predictions

UFF Sports is hosting a UFHL/NHL Playoff Pool, with 21 owners and scouts participating by making their predictions for the play-in round winners in both leagues as well as the NHL conference and Stanley Cup champions. Here is a look at how that pool is shaping up from Day 1.

UFHL Scouting Auction Preview: 280 Prospects Available in August

UFHL scouts and franchise owners will be bidding on 280 top prospects in upcoming auctions. That is 140 Futures and 140 Already Drafted, including many first-round picks and all the big names for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 draft classes. Here is the full list, with 20 auctioned per day.

UFHL Playoff Preview: Parity Prevalent for
Play-In Round Matchups

The 24-team bracket is set for the Klein Cup playoffs and we're counting down the days until August 1st, when the puck will drop on the NHL and UFHL play-in round. Here is a look at the eight matchups to start the Klein Cup playoffs.

Recapping UFHL Redraft With Results & Rosters

The UFHL Redraft was an overwhelming success, with 12 of the 31 franchises from the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League selecting their 23-man rosters while complying with the NHL salary cap. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on the winners and losers based on these results.

UFHL Announces
Upcoming Schedule
as NHL Nears Return

The UFHL plans on hosting its inaugural Klein Cup playoffs this summer — mirroring the NHL format with 24 teams and a play-in round — and there are several other events of note on the calendar.

Here is a look at the upcoming schedule for the UFHL!

Scouting Launch FAQ: Answering Questions
on Fantasy Scouting

UFF Sports and the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League recently launched our fantasy scouting, which is generating a lot of interest and excitement. It is also generating a lot of questions, so we wanted to provide as many answers as possible in a one-stop shop.

UFF Sports: The Future
of Fantasy

By taking hockey onto the blockchain and utilizing digital currency to go global, UFF Sports is giving their franchise owners the opportunity to own the game. And hockey is only the beginning of big plans to encompass every sporting event imaginable.

announcing larry fisher

UFF Sports names
new Director of Communications
& Content

UFF Sports is pleased to announce the addition of Larry Fisher as director of communications and content for the emerging fantasy platform. Fisher comes from a media background — with more than 15 years of experience in print and digital journalism — and has been an avid fantasy sports player for over two decades.

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