Grab the Score Token and Wallet Setup Guide

What is Score Coin?

Score Coin is an ERC20 token that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is the means by which you make any kind of transaction on the worldwide UFF Sports platform.

Score Coin can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum directly on the GNEISS platform and other exchanges in the future. Bitcoin and Ethereum can then be exchanged for your local currency if desired.  

Max Supply  

  • 600,000,000 

Circulating Supply

  • 100,000,000

Score Token Distribution

  • 100 million coins is the initial release for use in the first ever UFFS league (Pro Hockey).

Subsequent releases will occur as follows:

  • 50 Million Coins released for Pro Basketball Fall 2020
  • 50 Million Coins released for Pro Baseball – Spring 2021
  • 50 Million Coins released for Pro Soccer– Jan of 2022
  • 50 Million Coins released for Pro American Football – Fall 2022
  • 30 Million Coins will be released into circulation according to the rate of new leagues entering the ecosystem with all coins in circulation by Jan 01, 2024
  • 270 Million Coins will be distributed to the 9 founders
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