The world's first fantasy sports ecosystem that provides unique ownership of players, franchises, and auction rights as digital assets didn't just happen on accident. We've got a dedicated team of investors, developers, writers, and designers. We lose sleep over the game so you can live the dream of being the most elite player on the planet.

You own the game. Now, meet the team that's making those dreams come true.

Tony C.

The Honcho

Tony has a strong background in international livestock technologies and production. This experience in innovation led him to the blockchain and the crypto world. Realizing asset ownership on the blockchain would disrupt every industry in the future, the idea to bring asset ownership to Fantasy Sports via the Ethereum blockchain was born. He created a team of skilled and like-minded investors, partnered with experienced and talented blockchain experts, to build and market the game-changing fantasy sports ecosystem that is UFF Sports.

Andrea E.

Social Media Maven 

Andrea’s extensive skills and experience in public communication and world travel makes her the perfect match for UFF Sports’ all-important position of media management. With a flair for social media and event planning, this is right up her alley. Formal training in Sociology combined with a proven track record in her career with team and community building, UFF Sports is fortunate to have a true, Media Maven.

Liz J.

Project Virtuoso

A founding member with a solid understanding of blockchain and how it will mold the future of every industry, Liz is a true project manager and will be the lead organizer on all projects from the development stage to the ones which are up and functioning on the UFF Sports ecosystem. She spear-headed the creation of our token, the Score Coin (SCO). She will have her hands full because we are never going to stop coming up with new projects. Educated in both business and science with real-world experience managing projects everyday, she will be invaluable to the UFF Sports founders and participants of our platform.  

Cole B.

Master Motivator

The man with a vision to change fantasy sports forever and quite possibly the most positively passionate UFF Sports founder. Cole has shaped much of the ever-evolving fantasy sports platform. Cole handles brand awareness, event planning and management, and is the liaison of our Star Ambassador program. He's vital to our growth and success. His experience in leading industry technologies and working with large teams combined with an unbridled vigor for UFF Sports certainly makes him a great leader in our global Star Ambassador network.  

Andrea C.

In-Game Systems Expert

The true sports expert that has her finger on the pulse of the youth today, thanks to her current role in teaching the world’s future pro athletes and fantasy sports players! She has been a high-level athlete in Canada and Europe and has a worldly perspective of sport. Holding degrees in sports administration and education her views on UFF Sports in-game system functionality are truly invaluable.  

Nathan B.

Integrations Champion

An avid sports fan and a fantasy sports enthusiast, Nathan delivers vast knowledge of the sporting world and how to translate real-life play into the fantasy realm. He is heavily involved in hockey as both a team president and hockey association president. This involvement gives UFF Sports an amazing ground-level view of hockey and all organized sports. Educated as an Instrumentation Engineer and currently an owner of an innovative oilfield consulting business in western Canada, Nathan’s experience in business ownership and expertise in sports more than qualifies him to be the UFF Sports integration champion.

Mark K.

Communications Jedi

Mark is the UFF Sports rock. His strong rural farming background helps keep our team grounded and focused on the goal at hand. A strong vision for a better future and his online wealth creation skills will be relied on as UFF Sports builds its unstoppable ecosystem worldwide. Positivity and an undying will to help people sums up Mark and that's why he is the right person to teach the world about every opportunity our platform presents to people from all walks of life.  

Jason K.

Technology Trailblazer

The forward-thinking youth that every team needs to innovate and remind his older colleagues to never stop searching for new technologies. Jason is the UFF Sports lead Tech manager. His role is to seek out new innovations in blockchain, crypto, and marketing, and apply them to the UFF Sports ecosystem. Our source of never-ending energy and foresight, he is a leader looking out for generations to come.

Dave K.

Cryptocurrency Specialist 

The Founder that brought the UFF Sports fellowship together. Dave’s intuitive ability to bring people together with complementary skills allowed us to create UFF Sports. He is an essential asset when it comes to building UFF Sports leagues all around the world. Dave’s knowledge and passion for crypto makes him the top choice to lead our affiliate program and customer recruitment strategies.  

Darren B.


Darren is our eternally number-crunching wealth warrior. His career has spanned from broadcasting, to sales, and even farming. One thing that has remained constant is his love of sports, whether as a player, or cheering on his favourite teams. With a never-ending passion for turning new ideas into reality, he’s focusing on bringing fantasy sports and ownership together. As a dedicated member of our team, he’s excited to bring something totally new to the fantasy sports market.  

Larry F.

Director of Communications & Content

Larry has a strong media background with more than 15 years of experience in print and digital journalism. He has also been an avid fantasy sports player for over two decades, including as a league founder and commissioner. Larry enjoys all sports but specialized in hockey, covering the 2017 NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles and the 2019 World Junior Championship in Vancouver while being credentialed for several NHL games in various cities and serving as a WHL beat writer for the Kelowna Rockets from 2008 to 2019.

Follow him on Twitter: @LarryFisher_KDC.