Meet the Owners Profile: Tornadoes

Meet Machen.

Franchise Name: Tornadoes

Status: Original Owner

Owner/GM: Canyon Lake Web Design / Machen Mathews

Age: Over 9000

Occupation: Scientist / Work from Home Father

Current Town: Austin, Texas.

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas.

Favourite NHL Team(s): Dallas Starz

Favourite NHL Player(s) Past: The GOAT!

Favourite NHL Player(s) Present: Jonathan Toews

Bio: 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur in online technology and a strong background in BizDev, Data Center, Colocation, Cloud, and Dedicated Servers, Software Development, and Web Design — Technologist. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Decred, Ethereum; Early Adopter.

On a professional level, I love developing businesses. In the hosting industry, I have assisted my partners from unknown status to niche leaders. One of my recent startups generates over six figures in revenue and I run it mostly from a laptop.

I have other income-producing projects that are growing rapidly and sometimes I meet people that I would want to share and collaborate with.

I have a list of over 30 technologies, tools, and techniques that I will share with you if you like.

In terms of fun and adventure, I've been in a legitimate sword fight, left home at 13, and hosteled all over North America. Now, I'm raising a beautiful daughter and three boys with my lovely wife Taryn. We’re excited about visiting the Bahamas in 2022.

We also manage a growing business owners and marketers community that's quickly becoming a top resource for our industry.

In my free time, I pursue my passion for understanding physics, human nature, and neuroscience, especially with how they play into creation, innovation, and social media.

QUESTION: First off, congratulations on your runner-up finish in the Corona Cup simulation playoffs. Did you enjoy following your Tornadoes on that run? Did that experience get you more excited for what’s to come with the official UFHL playoffs and the return of NHL hockey? Do you now have a favourite player on your Tornadoes team?

ANSWER: Yes. Yes. Jonathan Toews.

QUESTION: You’re getting a custom Tornadoes jersey as part of your prize for placing second in the simulation playoffs — along with 5,000 score tokens (equivalent to $100 USD). Those score tokens will help with purchasing prospects for your protected list in the months ahead. But are you looking forward to receiving that jersey? Do you have any big plans for branding your franchise and driving up the overall franchise value? Have you given much thought to the business side of franchise ownership and the potential that exists there?

ANSWER: Yes. Yes, though it’s mostly organic. I’m more concerned with the blockchain legacy and fun than the value I might be able to realize short-term. It’s been my experience that when we focus on the best parts of a business, we get the best returns.

QUESTION: I understand you aren’t a huge hockey guy, so I’ll keep the hockey questions to a minimum. But I’m curious to know if you’ve ever been to a live NHL game in Dallas or elsewhere? Do you have any memories from the Stars winning the 1999 Stanley Cup — and the controversial goal by Brett Hull — or is that before your time? Have you ever played hockey — street, roller, ice, mini sticks, all of the above or none of the above? Do you have a favourite sport, if not hockey? Are you becoming more of a hockey fan thanks to your Tornadoes?

ANSWER: Yes, I had season tickets to the Starz games in the American Airlines Center in Dallas back in the ’00s. Our offices are downtown, so I’d sneak over for games as often as possible. Yeah, I saw the ’99 rally with family friends and that’s what got me into the live NHL games. Yeah, I played roller hockey but couldn’t afford to play in leagues as a kid. I’ve always excelled at sports and did aggressive in-line professionally as a teen, still skateboard, and enjoy watersports. My favorite sport is Formula 1. Nope, more of a blockchain fan.

QUESTION: Do you have much history with playing fantasy sports — hockey or otherwise? If so, feel free to gloat about some of your past successes — championships, trade victories, etc.

ANSWER: None. Thanks though :)

QUESTION: Talk about drafting your roster for the Tornadoes in the initial UFHL Draft — what was that experience like and how did you go about it? What was your approach, considering you don’t follow hockey closely? Did you have a strategy or was it beginner’s luck that you landed a team capable of contending for the Corona Cup and perhaps the Klein Cup in the official UFHL playoffs to come?

ANSWER: I enjoyed the simplicity of the draft. I completely disregarded my cap and went for the greatest statistically significant players. Luck is being prepared in the face of opportunity. I’m a data cruncher by nature and went with the numbers.

QUESTION: OK, that’s enough with the hockey and fantasy questions. You understand the tech side of the platform and the blockchain better than most. Enlighten us on why UFF Sports, the UFHL and digital asset ownership is a good investment in the present and viewed as the way of the future? Is that why you got involved as a franchise owner — more so as an investment than for the fantasy gameplay? What would you tell somebody who is on the fence about joining UFF Sports or perhaps skeptical about the crypto side?

ANSWER: I’d rather not speculate, though I’ll mention that I invest in people and the founders team here is no joke. The most attractive part is that unique blockchain assets and 1-to-1 mimicking of real-world sports. I’ll refer to this quote from the legend Satoshi Nakamoto “If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry” (source)

QUESTION: Talk about your decision to join UFF Sports. Why do you believe in this platform? What aspect or concept do you like most about UFF Sports and the UFHL? What do you envision for the future of UFF Sports?

ANSWER: I’m an early adopter and this was something unique and new. Blockchain. Unique digital asset ownership. I’m looking forward to the global expansion of sports, communities, and some form of sports book or wagering — most excited for F1.

Tornadoes Current Roster


Blake Coleman-Aleksander Barkov-Tomas Tatar

Nick Foligno-Jonathan Toews-Patrick Marleau

Brock Nelson-Phillip Danault-Derick Brassard

Barclay Goodrow-Radek Faksa-Pat Maroon


Alex Goligoski-Brent Burns

Ben Chiarot-Dougie Hamilton

Matt Roy-Scott Mayfield


Mikko Koskinen

Pavel Francouz

Extra Skaters: Brian Boyle (F), Rocco Grimaldi (F), Erik Gudbranson (D)

Fisher’s Thoughts

Machen is obviously a smart guy — as evidenced by his bio, both his accomplishments and his interests — and wise beyond his 9,000 years. He could also pass as a hockey guy based on the Tornadoes’ roster.

That is a hockey team on paper — the kind of team that an NHL general manager would aim to construct in an actual expansion draft. Machen, perhaps unintentionally, loaded up on centres and right-handed defencemen — arguably the two most important and coveted positions in the real world. Those players will have value in the fantasy world as well. Nicely done on the drafting!

It’s no surprise the Tornadoes went on a run in the Corona Cup playoffs, considering all the character guys on that roster. The old hockey men — also wise beyond their years in what it takes to win the Stanley Cup — would love to take Machen’s roster into the real playoffs. I’d be willing to bet that several NHL GMs would trade their current roster for Machen’s team ahead of the upcoming playoffs. That is a solid team top to bottom — and truly built for playoff hockey!

We’ll see how the goaltending holds up in the years to come — that is the only question mark on the Tornadoes’ roster — and Machen will have to work in some more youth for the future, but he can really build around Barkov, Burns and Hamilton as go-to fantasy guys in the present. Some will argue Machen’s team is better in real life than fantasy — and I can hear that argument — but Machen went with the numbers and the numbers don’t lie.

Machen is also a humble guy on the tech side, he totally “gets it” and I fully expect the Tornadoes to become a valuable franchise in the UFHL — perhaps valuable enough for Machen to purchase an F1 team in time. A fantasy F1 team through UFF Sports, that is — the real F1 teams cost hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. But dare to dream young man!

If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry

— Satoshi