Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League

This is the official pro fantasy hockey league which emulates the NHL. Gameplay closely follows NHL guidelines for a special fantasy sports experience where franchise owners draft unique players. No two franchises ever manage the same player.  

Conferences, Divisions, and a Complete Playoff Structure Unlike Any Other Fantasy Hockey League

31 Franchises

Franchises are associated with a single owner or team of owners who manage their teams' rosters.

23 Player Roster

You manage the players, which you own as digital assets, for your active roster. Draft the best talent to win.

Protected List

Use you list to manage active and standby players for quick easy management of your franchise.

Watch the Explainer

The world’s first fantasy sports ecosystem that provides unique ownership of players, franchises, and auction rights as digital assets in a truly unique gamification model.

UFHL Simulated Playoffs Finals

All times are CST

UFF Sports – Watch on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEf9dPWc7z8TunuMBB7EOqQ

Game 1

Saturday May 30th @ 2pm

Game 2

Sunday May 31st @ 2pm

Game 3

Tuesday June 2nd @ 6pm

Game 4

Thursday June 4th @ 6pm

Game 5

Saturday June 6th @ 2pm

Game 6

Sunday June 7th @ 2pm

Game 7

Saturday June 13th 2pm

You Own The Game